Bridal Gown Care

You took the time to find the perfect gown, the ceremony details are coming together nicely, the photographer is chosen, but who will prepare your dress?  Snappy Cleaners can make any necessary alterations for the perfect fit, then expertly clean and press your gown.

All bridal gown work is done in our store, it will never leave our sight. You can rest assured our team of experts will treat your dress with the utmost care.

Bridal Gown Preservation

And after the ceremony, proper preservation is essential.  We will once again clean and press your gown and preserve it in an acid free, breathable box designed specifically to keep it fresh for years to come.

Customer Comment

Snappy has been very professional  and personal.  I trusted them with the alterations of my wedding dress thru the wedding gown preservation.   They always take the time to make every transaction personal.
~ Hollie L.